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Functional Medicine

 Functional medicine is healthcare for the 21st century. Instead of treating individual diseases, functional medicine looks to heal the underlying dysfunctions present in the body that contribute to each condition. We believe you can’t diagnose or treat someone by assuming they are the same as everyone else. With the most advanced diagnostic testing we are able re-balance physiological systems with targeted nutrition and herbal support designed with each person in mind to unleash your body’s inherent healing ability, achieve wellness and weight loss. We all have  people in our lives who depend on us...but we can't be there for them if we don't have our health. 


Dr. Keta's Functional Medicine Training

 Dr. Keta is a Functional Medicine Practitioner and Doctor of Chiropractic. She received her doctorate from Texas Chiropractic College in 2005. She continues to learn and train thru Functional Medicine University. Dr. Keta received complete training in the biological sciences such as anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, epidemiology, histology, blood chemistry, neurology and pharmacology, as well as conventional medical diagnosis and treatment. 


Quality of Life and Functional Medicine

 Thyroid disease, fatigue, inability to lose weight, diabetes, high blood pressure,  cholesterol, heart disease, stress and overall poor lifestyle contribute to many diseases.  Functional Medicine  can help you find a new path to health and happiness through better nutrition, exercise, and guidance from Dr. Keta and her team.  It's a lifestyle NOT diet!